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Down-Right Special

Patrick "Pman" Stinson is passionate about cooking, movies, and working out. He is also Down-right special because he has an extra 21st chromosome. Every Pman purchase provides support to other young adults with disabilities like Down Syndrome.

Chef at heart

Pman loves being in the kitchen, whether he is experimenting with seasonings or whipping up an old favorite.

Super Strength

Pman loves all of the Marvel and DC comics, which may also explain his love of working out (super hero strength!)

Biggest Fan

Patrick's biggest fans are his 3 brothers and sister-in-law...and as their biggest fan, he has traveled far and wide watching 2 of his bro's play college baseball for Duke...making friends at every stadium.

Patrick is in Charge

Pman the Chef is run and operated by Patrick. He enjoys running his company, bossing everyone around...creating a great opportunity and vision for other young adults with disabilities.

Part of the Family

T21 Enterprises is a family business, designed to help Patrick manage and operate Pman the Chef. All profits from Pman the Chef are directed to his non-profit foundation to help sponsor programs for young adults with disabilities.


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